Best PCP Deals for Used Cars

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New or used, everything from compact hatchbacks to luxury SUVs can all be purchased using PCP - the flexible, predictable payment plan that can fit into any lifestyle.

PCP allows you to adjust the length of your repayment contract to suit your budget, ensuring that you can buy a car that won’t overstretch your finances. At the end of the contract, you can either pay off the remaining value of the car (Guaranteed Future Value or GFV) for full ownership or return the car with no penalty and move on to a new car.

Here’s some of the best deals you’ll currently find at Autostore for this very popular and affordable way of funding your next car purchase: 

Cool Coupés and Convertibles

Coupés and convertibles always make an impression on the road or parked outside your house. Whether you’re young and carefree, treating yourself to a little automotive gift or taking advantage of the kids having grown up and left home, these 2, 4 or 5-seater beauties are seriously desirable.

Alloy wheels and extras like heated seats and leather upholstery* add even more to please you. With PCP, the sporty style and glamorous looks of a coupé or convertible could be yours for less than you think. 

For example, a Volkswagen Scirocco coupé costing £13,900 could be yours for as little as £257.42 p/m over 48 months with a £1,390.00 deposit.

Or you could take home a Mazda MX-5 convertible priced at £14,500 for the bargain payment of £243.39 p/m over 48 months with a £1,450.00 deposit.

Discover more affordable used coupés and used convertibles for sale with PCP at Autostore.

Exhilarating Estates

Estates make superb family cars or work vehicles, offering excellent luggage capacity at a lesser cost than an SUV. Flexible seating provides space when you need it for everything from a camping holiday to a trip to a DIY store. 

Equipped with a selection of driver assistance features, such as cruise control and heated windscreens, as well as convenience features like climate control, powered tailgate and Bluetooth connectivity*, an estate will make a great addition to any family or business. PCP can make buying an estate even more attractive.

Why not take a closer look at a Peugeot 508 estate, costing £26,000 that could be yours for just £450.31 p/m over 48 months with a £2,600.00 deposit?

Discover more affordable used estates for sale with PCP at Autostore.

Heart-Stopping Hatchbacks

Thanks to their easy-to-access boot space, many hatchbacks are quite compact but that doesn’t limit their ability on the road. Generally fun to drive, easy to park and nippy when you need them to be, often with bright paint finishes to help you stand out from the crowd.

Hatchbacks can offer just as many driver assistance features as an SUV or saloon. Great in the city and fairly capable on the motorway too, they’re deceptively spacious, with flexible seating that allows 1, 2 or all rear seats to be folded to accommodate passengers, luggage or both. 

This could be the right time for you to pick one of our lovely Volkswagen Golf hatchbacks. Priced at £11,000, it can be yours for £194.83 p/m over 48 months with a £1,100.00 deposit. 

Discover more affordable used hatchbacks for sale with PCP at Autostore.

Marvellous MPVs

Large or expanding families, or those who need extra room for leisure kit or work equipment won’t go much wrong with an MPV. With style and equipment upgrades, these versatile vehicles are no longer considered to be the ‘mum taxis’ they used to be.

Built for everyday driving, an MPV has lots of additional extras thrown in to make your life that little bit more pleasant, such as climate control and sat nav*, and don’t forget the sliding rear doors* that make the vehicle more accessible in tight parking spaces and will prevent little fingers from getting trapped. 

Drive away in a Citroën C4 Grand Picasso MPV, costing £13,000, for a more than reasonable £224.41 p/m over 48 months with a £1,300 deposit.

Discover more affordable used MPVs for sale with PCP at Autostore.

Seductive Saloons

If you’re on a budget, a great-looking saloon car might be more affordable than you think, with great fuel economy, thanks to a lower, more aerodynamic body shape than an MPV or SUV. 

Interior comfort , offering features such as leather upholstery, heated seats, electrically adjustable driver’s seat and armrests are all major selling points that makes a saloon very attractive to anyone who spends a significant amount of time in the car. Just one of the reasons why saloons are usually the car of choice for business people.

Fall in love with an Audi A4 saloon costing £16,000 and you could be taking it home with you for just £265.79 p/m over 48 months with a £1,600 deposit.

Discover more affordable used saloons for sale with PCP at Autostore.

Stunning SUVs

Currently one of the most popular body styles on the roads, the SUV has so much going for it. Designed in all sizes, from compact crossovers to hunky off-roaders, there really is an SUV to suit everyone. 

Thanks to their taller dimensions, SUVs have much more space to offer in both head and leg room as well as luggage capacity. The higher ride also means that they are slightly more expensive to run than hatchbacks or saloons of an equivalent length but offer a better view of the road than lower vehicles and easier access. A great choice for young or older drivers!

Treat yourself to a Kia Sportage SUV which, at £12,500, could be yours for only £213.46 p/m over 48 months with a £1,250 deposit.

Discover more affordable used SUVs for sale with PCP at Autostore.

With so many attractive cars available and the ability to spread payments with a PCP contract, buying a car has never been more affordable. Visit Autostore Penrith, pop into Autostore Lancaster or drop us a line to take a closer look and get a PCP quote for your ideal car.

* model dependent

All finance payments are approximate. Please see individual car details or visit an Autostore branch for correct pricing.


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